Monday, June 5, 2017

What do Lucha Underground and Wrestling Weekday have in common?

Much like the best hour of wrestling every week, The Wrestling Weekday finally returns after too long a hibernation. And while Lucha Underground went off the air to extend Season Three throughout 2017 to stretch out the show's run (and possibly several talents' contracts), this site disappeared while I worked on other projects, from a Kickstarter to a move from my house of too many years.

But with the return of Wednesday night's top show (sorry, NXT), it felt like the perfect time to bring out a few thoughts on the big return.

And it certainly was a big return: the second ever All Night Long (a.k.a. Iron Man Match) between Lucha Underground champion Johnny Mundo and a man that once was fired from WWE before he could make a single appearance: The Mack. The man sometimes known as Willie Mack showed why WWE failed miserably by letting him go as despite his size and build, he put on an epic battle with the leader of the Worldwide Underground.

Of course, Morrison used his fair share of cheap shots, weapons and his allies in the Worldwide Underground. The Mack gained some aide from the Underground's foe Son of Havoc and his friend (and former champion) Sexy Star, but Mack's own need to destroy Mundo ultimately lead to a draw... and potentially a second All Night Long match in a row.

Image credit: Lucha Underground.
But really what the match, no matter how overbooked it may or may not have been (and what kind of 40 minute LU match isn't overbooked?), it served to prove why Mundo and Mack deserve all the success they have received in this promotion. Mundo and Mack are world class competitors and I for one am glad to see them get a forum for their talents.

This is far from the end for either men's careers. Here's hoping either in Lucha Underground or elsewhere both these men get all the accolades they both deserve for many years to come.

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