Tuesday, October 18, 2016

It's about time for another random appearance of this guy in WWE

For someone who had a WWE career that lasted only a few months and was most famous for eating worms, Marty Wright has had impressive longevity with his creation that brought him into the biggest wrestling company in the world. He has reappeared numerous times for the company since he left, and seems poised to become a Halloween tradition for the company if they choose to make him so.

Image credit: WWE.com.
While I am always more a fan of scientific wrestling than anything else, I cannot pretend there isn't a place in any company for characters like The Boogeyman. His brand of weird brings a levity to any promotion, even if I can only watch a guy eat so many worms.

With Raw following on Halloween night this year, what do you think the chances of a Boogeyman return will be?

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