Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Ryan Reeves no more: the once and future Ryback

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I can think of few stars that have left WWE in the last couple years with the ability to make as big an impact as former WWE superstar Ryback. But even though he created that gimmick before WWE, his contract with the company apparently gave them the rights to his wrestling alter ego (presumably along with his former NXT era identity Skip Sheffield.)

But as revealed on his podcast Conversations With the Big Guy, Ryan Reeves is no more. Reeves formally changed his name to Ryback, a move that will allow him to carry on his kayfabe name as he starts taking independent dates. Already having made a couple appearances as "The Big Guy", this will allow him a lot more freedom to sell himself as the huge name in wrestling he is and should be. Even if his run as a WWE main eventer was shorter than it should have been in my opinion, he still has tons of upside at only 34.

He will make an appearance in October at an upcoming WrestlePro event, but rumors of a move to Japan are already in place for Ryback. I suspect a New Japan Pro Wrestling run will begin no later than next year's Wrestle Kingdom.

For more information on Ryback and his upcoming appearances, check out his official blog or follow him on Twitter.

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