Thursday, July 21, 2016

SCW opener now IWA Mid-South champion

IWA Mid-South has a nearly twenty year history with a lot of ups and even more downs. The company is slowly piecing itself together now, once again focused on young upstart talents mixed with a few veterans and a whole lot of hardcore.

But their heavyweight championship is a who's who of stars. Held by the likes of CM Punk, Eddie Guerrero, Jerry Lynn, Colt Cabana and AJ Styles, the title perhaps has more prestige than IWA does itself.

That title is now around the waist of a promising young Midwest star deserving of tons more attention. J.J. Garrett works a Saved by the Bell inspired gimmick, but his in ring skills are anything but bad 90s fare. Like Mallaki Matthews and his sometimes tag partner Harvey Bower, he is an infrequent guest to Scott County Wrestling shows, where he always shows a lot more talent than the level he is booked at.

Clearly the men behind IWA know this as they recently had him cash in their own version of the Money in the Bank to take his first reign as IWA Heavyweight Champion.

It is a huge moment for the young star. Here's hoping we see a lot more of him around the Midwest and beyond in the near future.

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