Friday, July 29, 2016

Humble beginnings: Seth Rollins' earliest match in SCW

The fun thing about the internet is finding little bits and pieces of wrestling history that probably are slightly embarrassing to the megastars of WWE in hindsight. But without these humble beginnings, those stars wouldn't be who they are today.

A lot of wrestling fans know Seth Rollins wrestled before WWE for groups like Wrestling Society X, AAW, IWA Mid-South and Ring of Honor as Tyler Black. But even before that, he was a young man going by the name of Gixx. And as Gixx, he wrestled an early match against another young wrestler who appears to be his future longtime tag partner Marek Brave. Neither man was even out of high school when this took place, long before they would have name changes out of something from a bad video game.

Thankfully both Rollins and SCW as a whole have came far since these days. You can definitely see hints of the future Rollins even then though. Check it out below.

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