Tuesday, May 31, 2016

WWE's loss is any other wrestling company's gain

Image credit: WWE.com.
Eight days ago, Cody Rhodes left WWE. He expressed his desire to leave a few days before, venting his frustration at a disinterested writing staff with no desire to book him into any kind of storyline event. It was clear that after ten years with the company, he was no longer able to toe the line WWE forces him on.

It was also clear that in the wake of his father's death, he wasn't interested in continuing as Stardust anymore. Stardust was a character with tons of potential, but just like Cody's previous gimmicks, never quite seemed to get any traction with WWE's writing team. He could have success on the midcard with the Intercontinental or tag titles, but no one expressed any interest in having him in the main event.

That always seemed odd to me. Certain second generation stars don't possess an inkling of their famous parent's talent. Curtis Axel, Ted DiBiase Jr and Bo Dallas are nowhere near as talented as Curt Hennig, The Million Dollar Man or IRS. But while Cody's natural charm wasn't quite like his father's, he clearly possessed every tool necessary to be a star. His natural charisma coupled with amazing in ring skills made him one of the best in the business, especially for someone that came up with no independent training at all.

Image credit: Cody Rhodes on Twitter.
Any other company, either in the United States or in Japan, could make money with Cody. He's already indicated some of his first few goals with a picture of his bucket list. Though he's not free to participate in any of those events until August, Cody has already signed to wrestle Kurt Angle in the main event of a Northeast Wrestling show. Though official dates haven't been announced yet, PWG's Battle of Los Angeles should fall just a few days after that as well.

And once he's started to fulfill his bucket list, Cody could find himself a bright future in one of the other larger promotions in the world. He would be a perfect fit for NJPW, perhaps as an ally to Michael Elgin and Yoshitatsu against Kenny Omega's version of the Bullet Club. Or he could find himself as the latest man to "Too Sweet" his way to a major title in the company. Alternately ROH and TNA both could make money with Cody Rhodes, and he could check off The Miracle from his list there.

Wherever Cody lands, his future is bright. Meanwhile WWE has lost another talent they could have built a company around.

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