Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Looking back: Razor Ramon and the 1-2-3 Kid

A lot of negative things have been written about early 90s WWF. It wasn't the perfect promotion during the period at all, especially as money issues forced many of the company's longtime talent away. But it was also the era of Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels and my personal favorite of the era, Razor Ramon.

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Long before his addictions forced him into a decade plus downward spiral, Scott Hall was one of the best wrestlers in the game. Standing nearly 6 and a half feet tall, he could have just done a bunch of big man moves, but instead he was one of the best grapplers of the era. And after jumping from AWA to Germany to WCW, he finally made his way to the company that was still the big leagues of the time: WWF.

Gone were his large mustache and radiant perm. Suddenly he was as Cuban as Al Pacino in Scarface. He carried much of Tony Montana's mannerisms into his role as a Latin lothario, but the gimmick was often just an excuse for Razor to wrestler some amazing foes.

Clearly WWF knew what they had with Hall and the Razor Ramon character. His first feuds were against people like Randy Savage, Ultimate Warrior and then WWE champion Bret Hart. While he never won the WWF title, he quickly established himself as a top bad guy. After all he was The Bad Guy.

But that's not what this post is about. I want to look at the time when The Bad Guy became a good guy and it all started with a kid called... The Kid.

Until this point, the young Sean Waltman had only been a jobber. But his sudden and unexpected win over Razor Ramon lit a fire under The Bad Guy for revenge. He trailed The 1-2-3 Kid for weeks, even as his focus was divided with the King of the Ring tournament. Ultimately he would suffer another loss to The Kid and in the process, realize he was on the wrong path. Razor ended up embracing his sudden rival. He took the Kid under his wing and started a successful tag team with him.

And while the team never won a tag title, these two men were part of a small group that put on some of the very best wrestling matches in history. Despite any baggage they might carry now, they were and are some of the top talents in wrestling history. I encourage everyone to check out the clips above and the full matches on the WWE Network's earliest Raw replays. Because every moment, these two men were on screen, some great wrestling was in the works.

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