Thursday, March 31, 2016

March Mania Fatal 4 Way Round!

We have nailed 48 matches to four in our quest to determine the best modern Wrestlemania match. Now the field gets narrowed even more as only two will walk into tomorrow's finals!

Daniel Bryan and Triple H's opener from Wrestlemania XXX swept over Lesnar, Reigns & Rollins, but now it faces an interesting conundrum against the main event from the same card, where Randy Orton defended against Batista and Bryan. Which Daniel Bryan match will make it to the finals?

The other bracket features a showdown of last hurrahs. Cesaro & Kidd scored some votes, but were dominated by Shawn Michaels' retirement match against Undertaker at Wrestlemania 26. Edge beat Alberto Del Rio at the next year's event, only to announce his retirement ten days later.

I encourage everyone to head over to the WWE Network and heck out these four great matches! Then get your votes in before it's too late!

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