Monday, February 8, 2016

The Wrestling Weekday wants you!

I looked everywhere for a Jack Swagger finger point image but couldn't find
it. Help a blogger out, man! Image credit: 411 Mania.

The Wrestling Weekday was built around the idea that I would be able to bring five day a week content to readers of the site, but it was also built around the idea that I wouldn't always have to do that alone. Ten months into its existence, I have a few guest posts by the always talented Richard Evans, but it is not enough to keep up with the demands for the site as I focus on catching up on all my other projects I have piling up on me.

For the foreseeable future, The Wrestling Weekday will move to three updates a week from me. They won't be on a set Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule, but when I have watched or learned something I feel needs to be covered here, I will talk about it. Just like before, I won't cover every bit of wrestling news. But I will stop in commentary on the sport of kings when I feel commentary is necessary.

Of course, daily content can easily be restored with your help. If you have interest in writing about wrestling, let me know by contacting me either on social media or directly through my email: nick {at} superpoweredfiction {dot} com. I don't have any requirements for how often you write, nor do I have any finances to provide. But I can give you the same thing the Wrestling Weekday is for me: a platform to discuss wrestling in easy to digest snippets that hopefully will provoke discussion as well as entertain.

In the mean time, let's watch some great wrestling!

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