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The Top 10 Wrestlers of WWE, February 2016

Another pay-per-view and the big Raw after it have both fallen into the past and that means it is time to take a look at the Top 10 Wrestlers in WWE for the month. It has been an interesting month filled with weird pushes and negative reactions, culminating in a Fastlane card with solid in ring action but poor storytelling. Coming from that, here is this writer's choices for the best ranked wrestlers in the company. As a reminder, the rankings are followed by a two number code. The first number is their listing in the last Top 10 while the second number is the number of lists they've been on.

Kevin Owens continues to be a key player in WWE's midcard.
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  1. Roman Reigns: He lost his WWE championship at the Royal Rumble, but his push didn't slow. But terrible booking strategies have continued to do nothing to make fans of Roman Reigns. Instead they seem designed to alienate the fans he already has as he steps on more beloved stars with poorly booked finishes such as the one that ended Fastlane. (3/5)
  2. Charlotte: With her father at her side, the current Divas Champion seems to finally be coming into her own. But a solid run as a heel champion has really done more for her opponents than Charlotte, as every potential challenger becomes an instant fan favorite, even Brie Bella. The story of Brie's possible retirement overshadowed their title match at Fastlane, but Charlotte's win puts her in a strong position going into Wrestlemania. (6/4)
  3. Triple H: It makes me a bit angry to put the WWE champion this low on the list, but when the first physicality he had in a month was a brutal beatdown of his Wrestlemania challenger on Raw this week, it's hard to rank him as an important contributor among the company's wrestlers. He did instantly turn face on Monday night however as WWE continues to fail at making the storyline they want in the Wrestlemania main event work for them. (1/2)
  4. Kalisto: With his win over Alberto Del Rio in the Fastlane preshow, he pretty much cemented the League of Nations faction as a slightly higher card Social Outcasts. While he seems woefully short of direction after winning the match, his title may very likely be on the line in a gimmick match at Wrestlemania. But I am sure I am not the only one that thinks the luchador could be helped by the exposure a return to the US title open challenge would bring. (U/1)
  5. Kevin Owens: Kevin Owens weathered a losing streak storyline before regaining the Intercontinental title just a few days short of Fastlane. With Dean Ambrose moving on to a more high profile feud, Owens is in a comfortable place to continue to be a nightly show stealer, though he may need a few new foes to really cement his place as one of the company's key players in 2016. (8/5)
  6. Sasha Banks: Sasha continues to make a (Banks) statement in the women's roster, as it seems clear she's on her way to a title shot against Charlotte sooner rather than later. Whether she gets that in a singles match or a multi-woman battle at Wrestlemania still remains to be seen, but I can see easily the most over woman on the main roster getting a big Wrestlemania moment come April. (7/3)
  7. AJ Styles: The rubber match of his feud with Chris Jericho has made him a star to watch, even if the no sell of the Styles Clash makes absolutely no sense especially considering its similarity to the company's most protected finisher: the Pedigree. Styles seems poised to take a main event spot if WWE is willing to give it to him, but his status as an outside star might keep that from happening anytime soon, as a tag team with Jericho looks to be in his future. (4/2)
  8. The New Day: Their obsession with booty seems to have finally started a face turn for the tag team champions, especially as they slowly become embroiled in a feud with the League of Nations. One hopes WWE would not waste the team on a poor match between the two units at Wrestlemania, especially when fans are absolutely itching for them to be featured in a tag team TLC match for the first time in years. (5/5)
  9. Brock Lesnar: He continued his run as near unstoppable beast at Fastlane, even if his Road to Wrestlemania seems to have taken a sudden high speed turn. His feud with the Wyatt Family disappeared into the ether, but a No Holds Barred match against Dean Ambrose seems likely to be the top match on the Wrestlemania card no matter what position it actually falls into on the biggest show of the year. (U/1)
  10. Dean Ambrose: He took two big losses in the last two weeks, dropping the Intercontinental title without taking the pinfall, then being pinned by Roman Reigns in a weak finish to Fastlane. But if the last few weeks have proven anything, it is that Ambrose is the future top star of the company if WWE just decides to get behind him. With an ability to put on great matches night after night with a variety of foes, the rogueish charm of Han Solo and a rabid fanbase, he's the star WWE wants Roman Reigns to be. Because of that, he deserves a ranking as the top star of the WWE in February. (2/3)
It's hard to argue Dean Ambrose was the top star of WWE in the last several
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