Wednesday, February 3, 2016

AJ needs opponents!

AJ certainly is Phenomenal, but his list of opponents so far hasn't been.
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With a severely depleted roster, I think the lack of star talent is visible nowhere as much as it is in the first two weeks of AJ Styles' run with the company. By Thursday night, he will have had three televised matches and none of them are against talents he should be facing. An aging veteran, a jobber with friends and now a former champion turned lower midcarder are just not the stars AJ needs to get over big in WWE.

But the problem right now is there is no one to fit that bill on the heel side. Triple H is the top heel, but isn't wrestling. With three quarters of the League of Nations on the injured list, only Rusev and Kevin Owens fill any kind of top heel push of any kind. WWE has a few lower midcard heels that could easily be elevated into an AJ feud as well as a few face stars that could also turn heel to fit that bill: people like Stardust, Goldust, R-Truth or even Neville.

Two weeks in, WWE seems ready to make AJ's first feud an extended one with Chris Jericho. And frankly, that can only be a good thing for Y2J, not AJ. Chris Jericho is not the wrestler he once was, though he still has enough to put on a solid performance. But Styles is a way more over star than Jericho. Not even a heel turn by Jericho will serve to make a feud between him and Styles seem anything other than one note.

And that's their biggest problem with Styles right now. I have a sneaking suspicion promotions might change that before Wrestlemania where WWE could take the chance of booking a TNA main event on their biggest stage: Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles. They know both men have tons of talent behind them, but they might go for the safer bet of Owens vs. Styles. One of those two matches has to happen or WWE will grossly under-utilize their new star.

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