Monday, January 4, 2016

The Top 4 Wrestlers of 2015

I debated doing a rundown of the best matches but once I realized the massive number of matches I've watched since getting back into wrestling this year, I knew that was going to be to be WAY too much work. So instead I've broken it down to the top 4 wrestlers of the year, all of whom will have matches in the top ten lists across the internet.


It's not often you come across a wrestler who can be compared to the Undertaker, but if there is one way to describe Mil Muertes, it is as Luchador Undertaker.  The highlight reel doesn't even do the match justice, go out and find this full match, as it is probably the greatest casket match in history. Lucha Underground is far ahead of the WWE in many ways and this match clearly shows you why.
Mil appeared in Lucha Underground and conquered and his story is definitely one of the most interesting of 2015.

Highlights: 10 Man Royal Rumble, LU championship match.


Roman Reigns started the year great, went through a bit of a struggle there in the middle but ended 2015 as the WWE World Heavyweight  Champion. Today's wrestling fans are well informed and skeptical of everything and it wasn't easy for Roman to get over. Throughout the year his ring skills improved, as did his speaking ability on the microphone. Roman has no ability to lie so the only way the WWE could put him over was to let him be himself, let honesty and his personality come through. It took a little work, but I think people eventually started to see the warrior heart that beats within Roman's chest. He'll never be electric on the mic the way The Rock is, but he shouldn't have to be. He's finally found his groove and hopefully 2016 will be a year where we can see him really shine in some career-making matches. Roman earned his stripes facing Brock Lesnar in one of the greatest Wrestlemania matches I've ever seen and I know Roman has many more great battles coming his way.

Highlights: Wrestlemania match versus Brock Lesnar, Hell in a Cell vs Bray Wyatt.


There are going to be a dozen websites over the next week awarding Sasha Banks the title of wrestler of the year. No doubt she was fantastic, but I was not as overwhelmed by her matches as a lot of other fans. As great as she did, there were a lot of botches. Her match with Bayley was certainly a historical match, but I can't award her the best wrestler of the year title because as soon as she got to the WWE her career seemed to fizzle out. I am sure the WWE has some big plans for her in 2016. I am eagerly anticipating some matches between her and Nikki Bella. But so far, after all the great NXT matches, she's just sort of hanging out backstage watching Charlotte run the Divas division. Sasha was a major part of the Divas revolution, but so was Brie Bella and Brie has gotten a lot more matches on RAW. I don't hold it against Sasha, but I can't give her the #1 spot for spending December in the back watching the Divas wrestle on a monitor.

Highlights: Iron Man Match VS Bayley at NXT Takeover, TLC kickoff match vs Becky Lynch.


I have no idea who he is or where he came from, but every time he stepped into the ring, more than any other wrestler in 2015, I knew we'd be getting a great match. Puma stood toe to toe with some top talent, including Big Ryck and Johnny Mundo and was able to take his matches to a whole new level. Puma showed no fear, taking bumps on ladders and tables without a second thought. If you were inpressed by Seth Rollins in ring ability, then you definitely have to check out Prince Puma. 2015 will most likely be known as the year of the Divas, but to those in the know, it was the year of the Puma.

Highlights: Every episode of Lucha Underground he appeared in.

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