Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Royal Rumble Is Here!

As everyone who is a wrestling fan knows by now, tonight is the night Roman Reigns defends his WWE World Heavyweight title against 29 other men in the Royal Rumble match. The WWE got something right this time, creating a lot of rumor and speculation about who is going to come out on top and be crowned the new WWE champion. What makes this match so crazy is that we don't even know exactly who might appear in the Rumble, so it is hard to say who is going to take home the biggest prize in the wrestling business. What I am going to do in this post is look a few possibilities of what MIGHT happen.

TRIPLE H: The Game hasn't been in a match since he defeated Sting last year at Wrestlemania. I think there is a huge chance that he will enter the Rumble and take his revenge on Roman Reigns for his attack a couple months ago. The fact he hasn't appeared at all on Raw since means his return is going to be a big deal and the Rumble makes sense. Also, this might be his last Wrestlemania and if the Game is coming to an end, it would be best for business if he put over the new champion with his final match. The  Game is nothing if not a worker, and he'll work a great run to put Reigns over. This theory makes the most sense based on what they've been doing story wise with Roman and Vince.

DANIEL BRYAN: Here is how it is with Bryan; if he does not return in the Rumble, his career is officially finished in the WWE. If he can't come back now, there is no point in him coming back at all until after Wrestlemania. I don't know the truth of what is going on with him and WWE staff, but this is the time it makes the most sense to come back. He's still on Total Divas, right? So it isn't over yet. But it might be come Monday morning.

AJ STYLES: AJ, or perhaps any of the other new hires, might make an appearance in the Rumble. They won't be given a WM shot so early, but they might start off a new feud with a mid-card talent to build up to a WM appearance. I can see AJ coming in and facing Dolph Ziggler, who seems to be the guy who puts people ever, especially since Tyler Breeze is in the dog house with Vince for leaving a RAW taping early. Either way, him and his crew are coming, its only a matter of when they will appear.

THE ROCK: One thing people are missing here is that Roman Reigns is not technically "alone". His family has worked for Vince for generations and he has cousins everywhere. The Usos have a title match that very night but that doesn't mean they aren't going to be in the Rumble. There have been rumors of the Rock appearing at Wrestlemania. The WWE and the Rock desperately want to reverse the negative showing at the last Rumble that Reigns won, so it is entirely possible that halfway through the Rumble, the most electrifying name in sports entertainment is going to come to the aid of his brother-in-arms, Roman Reigns. Not only would this create a huge story within the Rumble itself but it would be a huge surprise to see the Rock come in to lend a hand. Hell, there are a ton of Samoans who could come to his aid, imagine all of them taking a stand at once?!?

JOSH BREDL: Why is this guy here? Because they are putting him in the Rumble. After calling the Social Outcasts "Social Jobbers" and pissing off Bull Dempsey and Kevin Owens, he was explicitly told by Stardust he would be changing in the hallway and was not welcome backstage. Look for him to take a huge amount of real hits in the Rumble this year. Another Blue Meanie moment, perhaps?

BROCK LESNAR: The chances of Brock Lesnar winning the Royal Rumble are about the same as Kofi Kingston, although for entirely different reasons. Brock doesn't need the Rumble, or the WWE title to sell him to crowds. People love watching the Beast take people to Suplex City, it doesn't matter what the main event roster looks like, Brock is a monster all of his own. The question here is who does the WWE think needs a Beast Push? My money is on Bray Wyatt, but I'd love to see Owens lose his match for the title and take it out on Brock at the Rumble. Imagine Brock getting right up after a pop-up power bomb? Those kinds of feuds are what WWE highlight reels are made of. Owens has had his title shots, but he hasn't shed enough blood in a WWE ring to get the title. A match with Brock could set Owens up for the return of a babyface Seth Rollins.

The Royal Rumble is a perfect opportunity to reboot the story lines for the season finale. Let's see what they do with it!

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