Monday, January 4, 2016

Pentagon Jr: #10 in the Wrestling Weekday Top 10 Wrestlers of 2015, presented by ESO-PRO

Image credit: AAA.

"Yo soy Pentagon Jr. Cero Miedo!"

He held no titles in Lucha Underground and in fact never even received a title shot during his first season of the promotion. But it is hard to argue that he comes out of season one as the company's biggest star.

He opened 2015 suddenly on his own, but bowing to an unseen Maestro. He became famous for using a slight variation of the Fujiwara Armbar to break the arms of over half a dozen competitors on the Lucha Underground roster. But it wasn't until his failure in the Trios Tournament and the subsequent battles with Sexy Star that he really rose to be the breakout star for the promotion. As a hated heel unafraid to get hurt, he put on a pair of stunning matches with Star.

These in turn led to his Ultima Lucha match with Vampiro, as the veteran luchador saved Sexy Star's arm. The two men brutalized each other in a match that truly needed to be seen to be believed. The match was brutally bloody, perhaps the most bloody televised hardcore match since the death of the original ECW. Ultimately Pentagon Jr took the win and at Vampiro's command, broke the veteran's arm.

He took this and still won the match. That's hardcore.
Image credit: Lucha Underground.
Only after that did the revelation come out: Vampiro was Pentagon Jr's maestro and the young star had successfully graduated. This seems to set up Pentagon Jr for a face turn for next season, but that will not be seen until the show returns later this year.

Ironically, Pentagon Jr. spent all of 2015 as one half of the AAA Mixed Tag Team Champions with his Lucha Underground foe Sexi Star while also holding the AAA World Tag Team titles with Joe Lider. But despite being a regular in AAA, he didn't have nearly the year there he did in his new American home.

In his nomination of Pentagon Jr, ESO regular Mike Gordon succinctly summed up Pentagon's great 2015: “A huge push for a guy that can back it up.” I expect Pentagon's 2016 will only top the success he had last year, as Lucha Underground returns to television on January 27th.


  1. His match against Vampire was nothing short of shocking. He's definitely in my top ten.

  2. His match against Vampire was nothing short of shocking. He's definitely in my top ten.