Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Kofi Kingston: #8 in the Wrestling Weekday Top 10 Wrestlers of 2015, presented by ESO-PRO

For me, Kofi Kingston is probably best remembered as the poor man that died at the hands of Brock Lesnar on July 4th in Tokyo.

As part of The New Day, Kofi had a stellar 2015. When the year opened, the group was barely on television, a bunch of babyfaces being booed out of the building as they clapped like merry fools. But post-Wrestlemania, they turned heel. After beating Cesaro and Tyson Kidd for the tag team titles, Kofi, Big E and Xavier Woods dominated the tag team picture for the rest of 2015, wrestling at every pay-per-view for the rest of the year (even if they lost the belts for a short period to the Prime Time Players, though in a match not involving Kofi.)

Kofi also featured in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match once again as his history with high-flying antics kept him well positioned to be one of the bodies to suffer through the car wreck that is that battle. And though he didn't win, it certainly showed he still had plenty of singles talent as well.

The five time tag team champion is the only Top 10 wrestlers on the list not to be included in my own personal Top 20. I found that his talents were second to other members of The New Day, but that didn't stop several people from nominating Kofi. Lauren Price ranked him higher than any other voter, and above the other members of The New Day, saying “One of the most underappreciated wrestlers on the roster. Should have been [World Heavyweight Champion] by now IMO. His New Day Heel run is finally giving him a chance to shine.” Mike Gordon chose Kofi as his only member of The New Day in his vote, adding “I love watch New Day's antics, but it would be pointless if they were just garbage in the ring. Kingston makes sure their matches are as fun to watch as their promos.”

Kofi is a talented competitor and well deserves his place as one of the top stars of WWE. Hopefully 2016 will see huge singles pushes for all The New Day members, perhaps even giving Kofi a chance at that spot Lauren wants to see him at.

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