Monday, January 4, 2016

ESO-PRO presents the Wrestling Weekday Top 10 Wrestlers of 2015: Honorable Mentions Part 1

While the Top 10 list kicks off with #10 later today, I also wanted to focus on the other wrestlers that gained votes from our wide range of judges. In all, 41 names made it on to this year's list from our panelists and they all have reasons to be there (well, outside maybe one in this humble blogger's opinion, but more on that one in a few days.) I will cover these honorable mentions a few at a time in between posts about the winners over the next couple weeks. For now, let's take a look at forty-one through 37.

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41. Princess Kimber Lee: I was the only one to vote for the new Chikara Grand Champion, but I don't think the importance of Kimber Lee's 2015 should be ignored. She became the first top champion of a major US promotion by beating Hallowicked at the end of the season finale. And she will likely have a lot more exposure in the next year. Already an incredibly talented performer, I suspect she will make a huge name for herself in 2016.

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38. (3 way tie) Naomi: Three wrestlers made it into the number thirty-eight position. In nominating her, Lauren Price said “Solid performer who has been poorly used. Like Charlotte she is stupidly athletic which makes for exciting matches. Manages to still be likeable even as a heel. Her run with Tamina and then Sasha has given her an opportunity to grow her mic skills as well. Really hope to see a run against Charlotte soon.”

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38. (3 way tie) Asuka: Somewhat unbelievably to yours truly, I was the only person to nominate Asuka. The newcomer to WWE has been one of the greatest female wrestlers in the world for years now. Since Takeover: Respect, she has shown how dominant she can be even on the WWE landscape. Her victory over Emma to end the year was nothing short of incredible.

38. (3 way tie) Colin Cassady: One half of NXT's most popular team, Big Cass might be more of a supporting player though to the man one vote ahead of him.

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37. Enzo Amore: Maybe the most charismatic wrestler in NXT, Enzo and Cass feel like they are only a few healthy months away from becoming The New Day's new foes on the main roster. As J. Morgan Neal put it in his list, they're "over like rover".

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