Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Top 10 wrestlers of WWE, December 2015 edition

We close off the Top 10 lists for this week with another look at the stars of WWE and where they fall as the year ends and Royal Rumble season begins. Remember to keep these listings in mind while making your votes for the ten best wrestlers of the year.

And it all kicks off with someone that came in near the top of the NXT list earlier this year...

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  1. Sasha Banks: With some great matches on Raw and Smackdown of late, Sasha seems to be putting herself into the Divas title picture alongside her rival Becky Lynch. What this means for Divas Champion Charlotte remains to be seen. (U/1)
  2. Rusev: The Bulgarian Brute has come back from injury and has helped put the League of Nations on the map. He's looked far more dominant than most of his compatriots as well. (U/1)
  3. Kevin Owens: While Owens has taken tough losses to Dean Ambrose and Neville in recent weeks, his anger seems to be driving him to be an even more destructive force than he has been in the past. Owens may be the best hope for a WWE super-heel in 2016 and beyond.  (6/3)
  4. Alberto Del Rio: Del Rio has been horribly mis-used since his return. Thankfully MexAmerica is done, but he still has a lot to do to become more than the boring mid-range star he was when he left. Del Rio made a great babyface with an edge in Lucha Underground and AAA. Perhaps WWE should channel some of that fire into a feud with the League of Nations in the near future. (3/2)
  5. Charlotte: She has been dominant as Divas champion, but her matches have been less than stellar. She has the potential to be a great future face of that division, but WWE needs to let her be herself and let the Divas plot stronger matches on television. (7/2)
  6. Sheamus: He won and lost the WWE World Heavyweight title in the weeks since the last Top 10 list and while that has put Sheamus onto this list, it doesn't make him a credible main eventer. He did accomplish what he needed to do: getting Roman Reigns over big time, but I suspect we will see the last of his title contentions after next week's Raw. (U/1)
  7. Dean Ambrose: Ambrose took a big win over Kevin Owens at TLC and won his first Intercontinental title. And while it feels like a bit of a demotion for a man that has main evented multiple pay-per-views now, it could be a very solid place for him to lay in wait for his chance at the title, even while continuing an excellent feud with Owens. (U/1)
  8. The New Day: No one brings more entertainment than the New Day and while their tag title challenges haven't been as frequent as they once were, the unit remains a bright spot on both Raw and Smackdown. I would love for them to continue on their current path, naturally turning face before they start a feud with the next unit on the list... (6/3)
  9. Wyatt Family: Bray Wyatt might not be the shining star he seemed groomed to be at one point, but the now four man Wyatt Family is reigniting the greatness they had as a unit. Since an unceremonious loss at Survivor Series to the Brothers of Destruction, they have been utterly dominant, winning eight man tags all over the place. (8/3)
  10. Roman Reigns: The return of Vince McMahon and some insanely smart booking on Raw finally brought Roman Reigns to the promised land with a stunning victory over Sheamus. In the process he also became the first person to win the title on an episode of Raw in over four years and actually cemented himself as the top star of the company going into Wrestlemania season. (7/3)
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