Saturday, December 5, 2015

NXT Advent Calendar Day 5: The 5 count

Big E floated around WWE developmental literally for years. He started with the company way back in 2009 but waited for three years before he debuted on main WWE television. But during the earliest days of NXT as a brand on its own, he quickly became one of the promotion's most beloved talents.

Big E in NXT.
We all know about Big E's natural charisma but it was an ingenious but simple gimmick that really got him over with the Florida fans. Because Big E was so dominant in his matches, he declared the referees should count until five before they counted a pinfall after his finisher.

This dominance carried him through a feud with Vickie Guerrero that became a bounty for his head, but his winning streak continued for months. Eventually his popularity would lead him into a war with The Shield, as both Big E and the heel group would work on both the main and developmental brands. Watch below as he utterly destroys the "main event superstar" Camacho.

This lead to the first ever NXT title change, where Big E handed the first loss to any active Shield member when he beat Seth Rollins to become the second ever champion of the brand.

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