Monday, December 7, 2015

NXT Advent Calendar Day 7: Back when Becky Lynch managed Paige... and Paige's mom

Interesting cross sections have started to appear on WWE programming now that the promotion has signed so many independent female wrestlers. With Shimmer serving as an amazing showcase for so many of these talents, it often becomes a very odd cross section where future WWE stars first make their connections.

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We all know Paige and Becky Lynch were partners in Team PCB, but I am not sure how many people remember their original alliance from four years ago with a very different talent than Charlotte.

Then retired, one Rebecca Knox brought in the unique mother daughter tag team of Sweet Saraya and a very young Paige, then known as Britani Knight, into Shimmer. The team quickly ran wild, even if mama Saraya did not approve of the antics of her daughter with the future Becky Lynch.

While I personally don't approve of their use of Linkin Park as an entrance theme in 2011, the animosity between mother and daughter would grow over the next few months in Shimmer. It would be following Paige's loss to Jessie Kay (now NXT jobber Billie Kay), that the fun and games ended and Saraya attacked her own daughter. This lead to a brutal contest between the two women in a no disqualification match that would also serve as Britani’s final Shimmer appearance before her jump to WWE and NXT.

It creates an interesting history for three great international stars signed to WWE, one I would love to see them exploit some day. It is about time we see Becky Lynch's evil side after all, isn't it?

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