Sunday, December 6, 2015

NXT Advent Calendar Day 6: A six-man ROH match featuring 6 future NXT wrestlers

It is often quite interesting to look at all the major stars from Ring of Honor's past that eventually found themselves in a WWE ring. Back in the promotion's earliest days, it seemed only a handful of stars could ever attract the attention of the world's largest promotion, but that time has changed. Now as we look back at a main event from ROH on HDNet in 2009, we see six men that have found their way into NXT at one time or another.

The American Wolves are top stars in TNA now, but they
had one brief grand NXT moment. Image credit: Wikipedia.
The heel team has a far less storied history with WWE. Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards seemed like they would be the next huge signing for WWE when they made a single appearance on NXT against The Ascension. But The American Pitbulls of Derek Billington and John Cahill would never sign a full contract with WWE and moved on to TNA.

Chris Hero was a name I never expected to sign a WWE contract, but he did in 2011 and moved to first FCW and later NXT as Kassius Ohno. While he never lost his intensity in the ring, his fire for wrestling in WWE clearly dwindled before his release in 2013.

Meanwhile, the face team features two former NXT champions (one the current Intercontinental champion on the main roster) and possibly the biggest Japanese star to ever sign with WWE. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn were the tag team of Steenerico at the time while Hideo Itami was still using the ring name KENTA. The three men were a formidable unit then, but now they could very well be the future main event stars of WWE.

It's interesting to look back at matches like this and wonder what might have been if all six of these men were still in NXT today. But for now, let's look at a classic battle, that even features current WWE head trainer Sara Amato (Sara Del Rey) getting involved.

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