Thursday, November 5, 2015

Survivor Series just got a lot bigger... unfortunately

The build up to Survivor Series in the last two weeks has been lackluster, but with three week to go until the classic event returns, a major injury in Dublin changes the face of the company. Seth Rollins suffered a major injury in Ireland. A torn MCL, ACL & medial meniscus makes Triple H look like a chump for finishing a match with just a torn ACL, it does put Seth Rollins on the shelf for six to nine months.

Injuries have derailed Iowa's own World Heavyweight champion.
And as announced on, it means Seth Rollins cannot continue to defend the belt. A new champion will be determined by a tournament at Survivor Series, one that viewers should expect to see play out on television in the next several weeks.

It is a big hit for the company that seemed to be building towards a three way Shield battle at next year's big event. But with Randy Orton also injured and John Cena off television until at least December, it also leaves a huge opening for a new major star to be crowned by WWE.

The last time WWE ran a title tournament at the event was 1998 where two major stars were crowned for the future of WWE: Mankind and The Rock. At that event, a swerve lead to the crowning of The Rock as the Corporate Champion. With a smart strategy, WWE could do something just as amazing at this year's Survivor Series.

Can anyone say WWE champion Dean Ambrose?

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