Monday, November 2, 2015

Del Rio Was Exactly What the WWE Needed

Even though the matches were predictable, HELL IN A CELL was one of the better events in the last few months. Starting off with the return of Del Rio was a great idea, although most of us who read online websites about wrestling knew that Cena was going to drop the title in order to take some time off. The strength of the pay-per-view led to one of the best RAW's in weeks, the tournament featuring the winners of HIAC was one of the better ideas I've seen from the WWE in a while. Right now the company has the best talent since the Attitude Era, but the writers, the creative team behind the feuds and follies, is just not good enough. For the first time since the days of Vince Russo, the talent is far ahead of  creative and its causing a lot of frustration in the fans.

Why is that old man with Alberto Del Rio? I mean he isn't an interesting character and the relationship between the two men just seems fake and forced. Why not let Del Rio shine on the basis of his talent? Why the stupid MexiAmericans gimmick?

Del Rio's in the prime of his life and his sudden reappearance shifted the road for both the US title and the World title. Suddenly there is a man on fire, ready to burn his way to the top. We don't need the stupid monologues from Zeb Colter to put this guy over. Del Rio is a force to be reckoned with and he should be used that way; as the unpredictable element that could at any time win big matches. Basically, Del Rio is best served by doing what Dean Ambrose should have been doing; tearing through the competition for the title. Unlike Ambrose, Del Rio's ambitions are clear and easy to understand. The man has a plan and fans want to see it unfold.

On the flip side you have Sheamus. They give the guy the MITB briefcase, but they can't get any decent matches going for him. It's almost as if the WWE is scared to book matches now, that they are hesitating to pull the trigger on what fans know will be great fights. It seems as if they are trying to save their best matches for the best moments ,but you can't micromanage wrestling that way; sometimes you just have to book matches and hope they turn out great. Sheamus should definitely be going after Del Rio and Roman Reigns should have at least a couple matches against Sheamus before his title shot. Or why not just finish what they started when Sheamus came back?

Upon his return, Sheamus was moaning about the little guys like Dolph Ziggler and Neville. He was trying to prove he was a real man, that big men deserved to dominate in the WWE. So why the hell hasn't he faced Brock Lesnar??

Even if matches have happened before, even if the feuds existed prior to the network, doesn't mean they can't come at it from a new angle. Having Rusev, Sheamus and King Barrett on a team is ridiculous. Why not set these guys against each other first? Sheamus and Barrett seems a natural feud, given the history of their two respective countries.

John Cena is a different wrestler than he was when Del Rio first came on the scene. I have no problem seeing these two battle, since I didn't watch the WWE during Del Rio's era.

I will give creative credit for the new Wyatt Family storyline. Everyone involved has a part to play and has so far played it very well. If Bray brings the Undertaker out as his personal zombie, wearing the old school hat and purple gloves, I for one would love it. The writers need to know when to push realism and when to push fantasy and the Brothers of Destruction are perfect for a nice supernatural twist. Every match and every feud should be different, not just in motivation but also different in style and genre. It's okay to mix a little science fiction and fantasy into wrestling, as long as the wrestlers and tropes are treated with respect. Fans can believe Kane's a terrible monster from hell because we like hearing the stories that come from our belief. I'm willing to believe in monsters, and the Wyatt family with Kane, Undertaker and hell why not throw Mankind in there, would be one hell of a monster stable. Having heels face heels to see who is the baddest dog on the block can be just as entertaining as cheering for the baby face on the rise.

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