Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A match with an actual underdog story

Look, WWE is really trying to make us root for Roman Reigns because he's being picked on by the Authority. We get it. We don't like it but we get it. We will still cheer for Reigns at TLC I suspect, mostly because we do not want to imagine more than three weeks of Sheamus as the top of the WWE roster.

But back in 2013, WWE seemed to built the story the right way, even if they came very close to not letting it play out the right way come Wrestlemania XXX. But let's go back to SummerSlam of that year and look at a classic encounter between perennial super-face John Cena and up-and-coming perpetual underdog Danial Bryan. Let the magic happen, folks.

John Cena vs Daniel Bryan, Summerslam 2013 by vsplanet

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