Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Top 10 stars of WWE, October edition

After Night of Champions I debuted the site's first Top 10 list. Now as Hell in a Cell enters the rear view, we move on to look at where the standings lie in its wake. Welcome to the second edition of the WWE Top 10 as we look where the stars of the roster sit this month. Numbers following names are ranks from last month.
Paige went even more goth in a Halloween themed
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  1. Paige: (unranked) Now fully heel, Paige is ready to move back up to the top of the Divas roster as she feuds with current champion Charlotte. Whether or not she will be allowed to develop a stable heel character beyond "crazy chick" remains to be seen however.
  2. King Barrett: (unranked) Barrett returned to WWE and made an impact as he formed a unit with Rusev and Sheamus. Whether or not his international stable survives for long, they at least present a new interesting threat for the faces of WWE's tag division. 
  3. Wyatt Family: (4) Bray Wyatt might have lost to Roman Reigns inside Hell in a Cell, but he made a huge impact at the end of the show. With attacks on Undertaker and Kane in the last two days, the newly four man unit seems poised for a major spot on the Survivor Series card. 
  4. Charlotte: (unranked) Now actually cemented as more than just a fluke champion, Charlotte still doesn't have the credibility she had in NXT, but she is looking like an actual champion. With proper storylines finally developing on the Divas roster, hopefully she can find more time to shine in the weeks ahead, especially if WWE makes the wise move of pitting her against Sasha Banks.
  5. Kevin Owens: (5) The Intercontinental champion might not have elevated his belt the way John Cena did with the United States title, but he has made an impact on the main roster as a dominant force. Now cemented as a solid upper card talent, Owens should continue to grow into a major star for WWE in the years ahead.
  6. The New Day: (6) Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods are consistently the most entertaining part of WWE's weekly television. The company seemed to realize that in the last month, as the unit has main evented multiple television shows. A clean win over the Dudley Boyz while a man down seem to have cemented them as the strongest unit in WWE. Expect their dominance to continue in the weeks and months ahead. 
  7. Undertaker: (unranked) He may have lost to Brock Lesnar inside Hell in a Cell, but Undertaker has clearly returned to a prominent role in the company. Following the attack by the Wyatt Family, it is only a matter of time before the Deadman seeks vengeance against the unit.
  8. Alberto Del Rio: (unranked) His name is one I expected to include on a Lucha Underground Top 10, not a WWE one, but Alberto Del Rio took a big win over John Cena to put himself in an impressive place on the roster as John takes the next two months away from television.
  9. Roman Reigns: (7) With a dominating win over Bray Wyatt inside the cell and a significant win on Raw to become number one contender, Roman Reigns is back in the driver's seat of his push towards the main event. But his foe and former partner has faced down every challenge, which is why he remains at the top of this list
  10. Seth Rollins: (1) He toppled the Demon Kane bringing Corporate Kane's Director of Operations job to an end. With Sting, John Cena, Brock Lesnar and Dean Ambrose all in his rear view, Rollins seems poised to dominate until next year's Wrestlemania, but he hasn't faced down with his other former Shield brethren yet. Can Roman Reigns finally asced to the top of WWE at Rollins's expense. I doubt Seth plans to let that happen.
The new #1 contender faces down the champ. Image credit:

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