Friday, October 30, 2015

Looking back at Halloween Havoc's Chamber of Horrors

No match in the history of wrestling may have been as aptly named as the Chamber of Horrors. It was truly an abomination of a match, not because of the talent involved (outside El Gigante), but because it was a horrible gimmick with a goofy setup and the strange stipulation that it could only end with someone apparently dying in the electric chair.

Yes, really.

Yes, it's grainy, but even in full resolution, the thing was a mess.
The two four man units facing off had tons of upside. Gigante was used sparingly alongside his team of Sting and the Steiner Brothers, while the heel faction gave us hall of famers Cactus Jack, Abdullah the Butcher and Scott Hall teaming with future hall of famer Vader. (Seriously, how is he not a WWE Hall of Famer yet?) But with a terrible structure that obscured much of the action and the horrible "electric chair" in mid-ring, the thing was just a mess to start off 1991's Halloween Havoc.

(FYI, it didn't end much better either, with a main event of Lex Luger and Ron Simmons in a two out of three fall match.)

But sometimes the train wrecks become worth watching, and I think WCW's Chamber of Horrors falls into that category. Watch it in grainy transfer from Dailymotion below, or check out the complete show (if you dare!) at the WWE Network (with a subscription).

WCW-Chambers of Horrors Match by ROH4ever

As a note to Wrestling Weekday fans, this will begin a series of match based posts that will take up the majority of November, as my focus turns to NaNoWriMo and my blogging time becomes limited. Enjoy some amazing contests in the weeks ahead, most of them much better than this one.

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