Thursday, October 15, 2015

Is Nia Jax the second coming of Kharma?

Kharma was a failed experiment by WWE, mostly due to a lot of unwanted media attention in the aftermath of her failed pregnancy. But most fans agree that Awesome Kong could have been great in the WWE Divas division, maybe even giving the current "Divas Revolution" a jumpstart years ahead of time. But it wasn't to be.

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Last night on NXT, Nia Jax made her in ring debut in a brutal takedown of Shimmer regular Evie. It was a great match with the much smaller and more seasoned Evie selling like a million bucks for the massive new Samoan star. In all the right ways, Nia reminded long time viewers of the dominance of Awesome Kong in the early days of the TNA Knockouts. She looked like a monster, which was a smart way to book her first onscreen match.

It was also a far stronger debut than Dana Brooke received a few months earlier, as Nia clearly has more seasoning under her than Dana did at her debut. When she finished Evie with her finisher, a strange combination of spinebuster and Rock Bottom, she ended a match where she looked like a killer. And at six feet and two hundred pounds, the cousin of the Rock will immediately seem to take a dominant role in the women's division.

Bayley seemed to get her next top contender on NXT as well with Alexa Bliss making her presence felt. With that feud seemingly set, Nia Jax may be on the road to a match with another recent NXT debut in Asuka. That match has intriguing possibilities as Asuka has a style that should be great at cutting down a giant.

Also on NXT, Apollo Crews became the surprising new number one contender, even as fans seemed to turn on Samoa Joe in favor of Tyler Breeze. With the two seemingly entering a feud it will be interesting to see how the fans at Full Sail continue to develop that match, as well as the battle between the two babyfaces Apollo Crews and Finn Balor.

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