Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Act Yasukawa has returned to wrestling... and is coming to America

A few years back, I was regularly watching joshi (Japanese female wrestling) on dailymotion. Groups like Ice Ribbon and STARDOM were solid and I loved the events Kana (now Asuka) would run on her own. But while watching those events, I became a huge fan of a few different Japanese wrestlers. One of those women was STARDOM's Act Yasukawa. She's got tons of presence and even beats Asuka in the awesome entrance attire award.

Unfortunately, she was involved in an awful event earlier this year when another STARDOM wrestler Yoshiko threw away their regularly scheduled match by straight up shooting on her with several stiff shots. Before Act had a chance to react, she had taken several stiff shots from a woman that was supposed to protect her body in the ring. She was left with broken ribs and some horrible damage to her face, while Yoshiko was banned from competing in STARDOM. Many folks questioned whether Act Yasukawa would ever return to wrestling, but she did so at the end of September for a STARDOM event.
Additionally, STARDOM USA will make its debut this coming weekend out in California. Yasukawa will be on the cards, along with a great mix of Japanese stars and American talents including Shayna Baszler, training partner of Ronda Rousey and one of the Four Horsewomen of MMA, who recently made her pro wrestling debut. While she will only compete in six women tags in the US, it is expected that Act will be re-entering the STARDOM title picture sooner rather than later.

Here's a great tag match from last year where she teamed with Kellie Skater, keeping the Japanese videos featuring her going for another day, against Koguma and Kairi Hojo.

Kairi Hojo & Koguma vs. Act Yasukawa & Kellie... by JAHMAL1111

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