Wednesday, September 16, 2015

WWE get four new signings to seriously boost the NXT roster

Over the last week, four different independent stars have been revealed as new WWE stars, all in the wake of the announcement of Kana's new ring name Asuka. None have planned debuts as of yet, but they are all likely to make an impact in the months ahead.

Sarah Stock as Sarita in TNA.
Image credit: Ribbon Salminen.
The first signing is former CMLL and TNA star Sarah Stock (a.k.a. Sarita) who will be joining Sara D'Amato as the second female trainer at the Performance Center. She joins an already great list of trainers including head trainer Matt "Albert" Bloom, Billy Gunn, Robbie Brookside, Adam Pearce, Steve Keirn and Norman Smiley.

She is joined by three new charges, all of which have made their way through the World Wrestling Network promotions, yet another indication of links between Gabe Sapolsky's brand and WWE.

Rich Swann mid-450 splash. Image credit: Tabercil/Wikipedia.
Rich Swann: The freestyling former Ronin member made a name for himself in EVOLVE and Dragon Gate USA after training at CZW. His background is incredibly dark with two dead parents by the time he was in his mid-teens, but he plays one of the most upbeat characters in wrestling. A fun-loving guy with incredibly athletic moves to back it up, his talents took him to Japan where he's a former Open the Triangle Gate and Open the Owarai Gate champion for Dragon Gate. He should make an interesting addition to an already strong NXT roster, perhaps as an ally of former Dragon Gate running buddy Uhaa Nation.

Image credit: The Wrestling Goddess - Athena on Facebook.
Athena: She has made her name from the northeast through the midwest and down into Texas, but her years of hard road traveling has paid off for the Wrestling Goddess. Athena is a solid competitor who might not have the strongest ring psychology, but with a huge repertoire of moves. With a bit of seasoning and a new name for her awesome finisher, the O Face, she's got a bright bright future in the NXT women's division.

Image credit: Tabercil/Wikipedia.
Biff Busick: I have only seen Biff in action a few times and that was from a few years ago, when he worked in a couple Wrestling Is promotions as Francis O'Rourke. He made a stronger name for himself in EVOLVE and CZW, where his vast technical skills made him a talent to watch. He has wrestled Drew Gulak all over the world and the two men have put on technical spectacles everywhere they go. While outside a CZW World title reign, he hasn't held much gold, Busick could be a solid in-ring star with the right push put behind him in WWE.

More names continue to float around as potential WWE stars including the aforementioned Gulak and Chikara regular Chuck Taylor. But with these two men and two women heading to WWE, the future continues to look bright for NXT.

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