Thursday, September 17, 2015

SCW makes big moves with "Supremacy" this Saturday

Last month at a show I sadly had to miss due to travel, Sean Morrow took control of SCW after his team won the best of five series against Mark Storm's Sindicate. With the face commissioner now in control of the company and Storm on the outs, SCW looks to be on a righteous path. But anyone that watched years of TNA know that face authority figures never last and even when they do, they tend to fade into the background.

SCW debuts Supremacy this Saturday night in Walcott, Iowa, and the main event is yet another rematch between two men that have faced off in the majority of SCW shows I've attended: Nevin Knoxville and Marek Brave. Unlike the previous encounters, this one comes with Marek as the new SCW champion, as he beat Knoxville at the last event. I don't suspect Marek will drop his title here, but I could see a heel turn in his future to match his personas in AAW and 3XW. Fans of the Dudley Boyz return in the last few weeks should be happy to here the battle will be a Tables Match, which should be wild in the Walcott Colosseum.

Also on the card is a number one contenders match pitting Shane Hollister, Tank Roberts, Conner Braxton and Johnny Wisdom against each other. Braxton may face interference from his now former tag team partner, Eli Machete, who turned on Braxton to cost them the titles at the last show. Roberts and Wisdom are both Sindicate members as well, but whether their alliance will last without the control of the company behind them remains to be seen.

I had a short chat with Black & the Brave trainee Violet Parker while she was working security for previous events, but didn't get to see her class's debut at the last show. However she will get her first singles match at Supremacy against Bree Alison, another Midwest women's wrestler on the rise.

No other matches have been announced but Eli Machete, Latin Thunder and SCW Tag Team champions Bodie Van Zandt and Adrian Alexander are likely to be in attendance as well.

This is just the first of two SCW shows in two weeks as the company also makes its return to Don's Pub in Donahue, Iowa (about twenty minutes from Walcott.) I know this was a regular venue for the company in the past, but it is also a lot less convenient for Cedar Rapids travelers. I will have to see whether or not I make that event in the day's ahead.

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