Tuesday, September 1, 2015

It has not been a good week in the world of wrestling

Monday did not kick off well for the wrestling world. While Seth Rollins learned he would have two title matches at Night of Champions much to his chagrin (and apparently ignorance of the whole "every title is on the line" stipulation of the show), that was far from the worst news. Reality came in the way of simple storylines with two big nasty happenings. And as I write this a third case seems to slowly be coming forward, one decades in the making.

Rollins got some bad news on Raw. Image credit: WWE.com
GMA kicked off things with Hulk Hogan's apology tour getting underway. It was nothing really of note, just the expected thing for a celebrity to do in the wake of a very public misstep. It was newsworthy at the time, but quickly faded from the wrestling news radar as far more disturbing actions came to light.

The Monday news cycle really kicked into gear with the report that TNA regular Bram had been arrested for domestic battery by strangulation and false imprisonment. This immediately brought concern from wrestling fans as Bram, real name Thomas Latimer, is married to WWE diva Charlotte. However, Charlotte reportedly separated from Bram a few months and wasn't involved, but it still is a bad scene for TNA. Bram already had a history with criminal charges as an incident where he assaulted a police officer cost him his WWE contract (where he was an original member of The Ascension.) If he is on his way to divorce with Charlotte, this might bring an end to the English wrestler's tenure anywhere in the states as deportation may be a possibility. Bram posted bail earlier today, but has been suspended from TNA indefinitely.

A few hours later, news came out that a shooting occurred at the WWE Performance Center. Initial conjecture related the two stories as Bram currently lives in the area. But it was instead an obsessed fan who came to the location after a restraining order was already filed. He reportedly had fixations on several divas and came brandishing a weapon. Local police opened fire to end any incident before it occurred. With Triple H not on Raw last night, it was likely he remained at the Performance Center after the incident.

Things grew even more shocking today with the report of Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka's arrest related to the 1983 death of Nancy Argentino. I read much of his biography over a year ago after receiving it from the publisher, but I declined to review it on any site because of the uncomfortable depiction of the incidence in the book. It rang as incredibly false and apparently police agree. The story told by Snuka in the book went against his account of the incident in 1983 which lead to the arrest today. At the current time he has yet to post bail and remains in jail for charges of involuntary manslaughter and third degree murder.

Zahra was fired just hours after making her NXT house show debut.
Image credit: Zahra's Twitter.
While all this happened, Rollins's girlfriend and NXT wrestler Zahra Schreiber (famous earlier this year for leaked nudes posted by Rollins then-girlfriend.) became an ex-NXT wrestler after Nazi-friendly pictures came to light. When that becames the least worrisome bad news of the last 48 hours, you know it's been a bad week so far.

Three major criminal offenses aren't a good start to any week, but this is another particularly dark mark for professional wrestling. Hopefully the bad news stops here, as I would rather write about the upcoming King of Trios tournament than any of this. 

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