Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Introducing the WWE Top 10!

I like Top 10 lists because I am someone that enjoys being on the internet regularly. The internet may in fact be about half list at this point, but as this blog has developed, I felt it was important to have a way to express who I feel are the important players in WWE and the other corners of wrestling for any given month. Because of this, I have conceived a regular Top 10 list for every Wednesday, starting today. WWE will receive a list the week after every major pay-per-view, while NXT, TNA, ROH, Japan, the indies and Lucha Underground will all see lists filling the spaces in between. So stay tuned for a look for the countdown every week starting right now, with your WWE Top 10.

The Cosmic Wasteland has elevated Stardust's game. Image credit:

  1. Stardust: With The Ascension at his side, Stardust continues to have one of the best gimmicks in wrestling today. He is living his role as a comic book style super-villain against Neville and it has made both men look great. I personally hope he will move into a title picture soon as a few battles with John Cena could greatly elevate his profile.
  2. Dean Ambrose: Though he's been stuck playing sidekick to Roman Reigns, Dean continues to impress in one of the biggest current WWE storylines. He may be the weaker member of his pair for booking purposes, but WWE never exposes him even as he takes losses to the Wyatt Family. Much like his fellow Shield-mates, Ambrose continues to be a key player in the future of WWE.
  3. Dudley Boyz: They returned to WWE on fire and even a lackluster DQ finish at Night of Champions has done little to calm the blaze. Bubba Ray and D-Von want their tenth WWE tag title reign, and it seems clear they are not willing to let The New Day's antics stand in their way. With such renewed focus from their TNA days, the Dudleys look to have one last amazing run in WWE as 2015 continues.
  4. Roman Reigns: It's testament to how much good is going on in WWE these days that they're arguably second most important babyface is so low on this list. But while he hasn't scored tons of victories against the Wyatt Family as of late, he continues to be a key player on every show WWE produces. Reigns isn't going anywhere but higher up the card as the Road to Wrestlemania looms closer.
  5. The New Day: No one is more consistently entertaining week in and week out than The New Day. Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods bring both great in ring action and comedic energy to their matches and promos. They deserve to be at the top of the tag division and I suspect they will be involved in that title picture for many more months to come.
  6. Kevin Owens: Much like Roman Reigns, Kevin Owens is clearly a key figure in WWE's booking plans. After strong matches against John Cena, a featured match against Cesaro at SummerSlam and his first title win at Night of Champions, Kevin Owens seems poised to be a WWE mainstay for years to come. 
  7. Wyatt Family: Braun Strowman has revitalized both Luke Harper and Bray Wyatt's career. For the first time in months, both feel like real threats as their storyline with Reigns and Ambrose's continues almost certainly until Survivor Series. WWE booking will always make one fear the luster will be ripped off Strowman's monster gimmick, but as long as Sister Abigail's Black Sheep continues to work so well with Harper and Wyatt's support, the unit will look amazing in the months ahead.
  8. Kane: He hasn't even wrestled a match since his return at Night of Champions, but Kane looks like a million bucks as he builds a storyline against Seth Rollins. He may be on the tale end of his career, but the corporate and demon aspects seemingly working out of sync just makes for a more compelling tale as the Hell in a Cell match is readied for the two men to finally face off. 
  9. John Cena: I honestly don't understand why John Cena still gets so many boos. He's consistently bringing the best match on Raw and most pay-per-views. But for whatever reason, fans still don't take to him despite the fact that in 2015 he finally is showing why he deserves to be a main event talent in the biggest wrestling promotion in the world. 
  10. Seth Rollins: The man at top took a few months to prove himself in that role, but at this point, I think anyone will be hard pressed to say that Rollins doesn't deserve his main event spot in WWE. He's put on great performances week after week and while his promos will never be the best in the world, he can hold his own in verbal wars well enough to keep his conniving heel role going for months to come. I suspect a face turn will be in the works for him by the beginning of next year, but whether or not that will come before a Shield three way war remains to be seen. 
He may be cocky, but Rollins has shown he backs it up in the ring.
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That's the Top 10 for this month. Do you agree? Disagree? Let me know in the comments or on social media. 

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