Monday, September 28, 2015

For the first time in two years, WWE has a wellness policy violation

Let's be honest, while it still isn't a perfect system, the WWE Wellness Policy has done wonders to reshape the backstage of wrestling for the better. In the last ten years, it has helped make the WWE locker room a far more positive place and one free of the excessive drug use pervasive in wrestling well into the early 2000s.

So while Hornswoggle suddenly going out for 30 days on a violation of the Wellness Policy is a bit of a surprise, especially when he hasn't been featured regularly on television for months, it comes with a single positive. His violation is the first since July of 2013 when Ricardo Rodriguez was suspended.

While WWE has its share of blame in the deaths of wrestling talents over the last two decades, it also deserves a strong share of credit for helping to clean it up. With free rehabilitation programs for any former talent no matter their current employer, they have put together a system that continues their quest for healthy talent and former talent while also continuing their place of dominance over the wrestling industry worldwide. And all of that's okay, because they're doing the right thing by their talent.

As to Hornswoggle, whether this is the end of Dylan Postl's WWE career is anyone's guess. He hasn't had a storyline since the Wee-LC match of last year, but serves as a major brand ambassador for the company. As a talent that could be valuable to another promotion should he be fired, it's likely he will continue to be employed by WWE for some time to come. Let's hope that whatever the Wellness Policy violation was in response to, he gets the help he needs to stay healthy. Because that's the most important thing for the stars we love to watch week after week.

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