Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Flashback: The Muppets take Raw

One of the best new weekly episodic television series of 2015 is easily The Muppets, the "behind the scenes" take on the characters as they work on a new variety show starring Miss Piggy. The first episode debuted to monster ratings, but it equally gave just a great story with some real laughs for Muppet fans of all ages.

But as a Muppet fan and a wrestling fan, it makes me only think back to the day when The Muppets guest starred on the longest running weekly episodic television show, Monday Night Raw. It was the Halloween episode back in 2011 and WWE made the most of having some great comedic bits with the characters. Santino mispronounces some names, Sheamus chats with his previously unknown cousin, Gonzo gets bullied by Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler, Animal shows off his time keeping skills, Statler & Waldorf share their thoughts on WWE's talents, and more with the likes of Cody Rhodes and John Morrison.

It's tons of fun and conveniently collected in the clip below.

They would return a year later for a Tribute to the Troops special and that actually brought my favorite moment of Muppet / WWE crossover, as Daniel Bryan ran head long into Animal and another friend...

So while the guest host program on Raw wasn't always great, I will always fondly remember its best moments like these, especially when I'm tuning into The Muppets tonight.

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