Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The G1 Climax reaches its halfway point with an amazing morning of action!

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Night Ten of the G1 opened with a rare singles match in the preliminatires as David Finlay (the son of WWE produce Dave) took on Ryusuke Taguchi. Since Prince Devitt left NJPW, Taguchi has been rather lackluster, but the two men worked well together here. Finlay is coming together well, much like fellow black short Jay White, but he wasn't ready for the win here.

The preliminaries otherwise were fairly predictable, though KUSHIDA and Naito as a dysfunctional team was entertaining. One other note would be the aftermath of the Bullet Club match, where Sunday's opponents AJ Styles and Doc Gallows exchanged more than nasty words. Either Styles or Gallows might find their way out of Bullet Club sooner rather than later.

Image credit: MAO's Twitter.
The tournament matches opened with MAO back at Yujiro Takahashi's side, but she wasn't the good luck charm he needed against Michael Elgin who hit a buckle bomb and a sitout powerbomb to make his way to his third win in the G1.

It was easily Elgin's most impressive win of the tournament, but it did no favors for Takahashi, who just can't get out of the blocks as low man on the Bullet Club totem pole.

At least he got to hang with MAO first.
Image credit: NJPW.
Kojima and Honma beat the daylights out of each other, but it seemed clear from early in the match that Satoshi Kojima wasn't going to fall. He took Honma down hard, but offered him a handshake post-match.

Tomohirio Ishii and Yuji Nagata collided pretty much how you expect the brawler to meet the old school strong style star. But Ishii's devastation was too much for Nagata and he picked up the win to be the first B Block wrestler at 8 points.

Karl Anderson and Kazuchika Okada put everything out there in a stellar semi-main event. Both men wanted to prove their importance here, but ultimately The Rainmaker was the one to walk out at 8 points.

The main event was a rematch of more than one IWGP Intercontinental title match of the last year as Hirooki Goto battled Shinsuke Nakamura. Goto has beat Nakamura more than once, but the King of Strong Style never goes down without a fight. Goto did dominate for much of their battle. He avoided the Boma Ye well, but could not escape a cross armbreaker. Nakamura moves up another two points, but his stablemates both get at least one loss (Okada's loss must be to Nakamura) for him to win the tournament block.

Action continues with A Block tomorrow main evented by Tetsuya Naito and Kota Ibushi in what should be a great match. B Block is back on Friday with Nakamura versus Takahashi and Okada battling Ishii.

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