Monday, July 13, 2015

This Friday, Des Moines based 3XW celebrates its 10th Anniversary!

Amazingly, I still have never been to a 3XW show. While I have been aware of the company since the earliest days of its history, my trips to Des Moines are few and far between. Even when they more frequently brought in bigger outside names or regularly used Minnesota talent I love like Arik Cannon and Darin Corbin, I never quite got the motivation to drive two hours on a Friday afternoon to see a wrestling show.

Before my neck injury though, I had planned to take in X on July 17, this Friday. 3XW's Tenth Anniversary celebration is a stacked card filled with great Midwest talent and a ton of top Iowa stars. Here's a rundown of the card.

  • The always talented Hype Gotti makes his return to the promotion as he takes on a name familiar to SCW fans, Eli Machete. I have sang the praises of Machete for awhile now and this should be a great showdown between two Iowa-area wrestlers that can seriously go. (SCW fans will also be happy to know that Conner Braxton will be at the show as well, though no match has been signed for him.)
  • I am not familiar with J.C. Slater (though his name makes him sound like he should be teaming with Iowa's own Saved by the Bell star J.J. Garrett), but he's in a match with Devin Thomas, one of 3XW's more... interesting, we'll say... regulars.
  • Rory Fox is a longtime midwest talent (and former Zack Ryder jobber) who always deserves a bit more attention. He works Devin Carter at X in what should be a solid contest, but someone at 3XW might need to change their first name. Two Devins is just odd.
  • Ryan Slade and Maddog McDowell have been feuding for months in 3XW, but X looks to end their longtime battle in a Loser Eats Dog Food match. I cannot make that stipulation up, folks.
  • In a great tag team match, long time Iowa veteran Griz teams up with "The Fury" Jon West to take on California transplant Jaysin Strife and Ray Stryker. 
  • Long time women's wrestling star Malia Hosaka is still going strong at 45 and she makes her way to Iowa to take on one of the best up-and-coming wrestlers in the world today, Angelus Layne, a woman that may be the biggest breakout Iowa star since Seth Rollins. 
  • Following a training camp earlier in the day, former WWE star Trevor Murdoch makes his return to 3XW to take on former NWA Central States champion Derek Stone, a guy that should be very familiar to 3XW and Metro Pro fans. 
  • The Pure Wrestling title is on the line as SCW original and Black & the Brave trainer Marek Brave takes on one of my favorite 3XW stars, The Viking Warrior Kraig Keesaman. 
  • Then in the main event, two 3XW stalwarts collide in a huge Dog Collar Match for the 3XW Heavyweight belt as Kansas City based Mark Sterling does battle with "The Rebel" Jeremy Wyatt as he seeks the title Wyatt took from him over three years ago. 
That sounds like a killer show. If you're interested in learning more about any of this talent, be sure to check out 3XW on Youtube. They have a ton of great content there for the discerning wrestling fan, including a regular TV show. 

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