Monday, July 20, 2015

Monday Night Raw: The Day the Divas Division was Born

If you were watching Monday Night Raw last week, you might have noticed a groundbreaking event occur: The WWE Divas division was officially born.

Now I know what you are thinking, the Divas have been around for like twenty years! Well that's true, but the WWE  Divas division was never really a wrestling division, was it?
I mean we had bikini matches. . .

Mud wrestling. . .

And a never ending parade of valets, AKA, girlfriends.

AJ Lee and Nikki Bella proud a certain level of pride and athleticism to the title, doing their best to make it a belt as respected as those their boyfriends held. Nikki Bella, in my opinion, is the greatest Divas champion of all time. But a champion is only as good as her opponents and for the first time, Nikki has a broad range of wrestlers coming for her title. At it was about time, too, I don't think I could sit through another match between the Bella Twins and Paige. Each of the three new women wrestlers has their own unique style and personality. Each of them is going to bring a whole new level of talent to the newly formed Divas division.

In case you missed it last Monday, Stephanie McMahon finally made the Divas division a real wrestling brand, by bringing up the best wrestlers NXT has to offer: Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks (above), and Becky Lynch (top).

Sasha Banks, the NXT Divas Champion, is the perfect opponent for Nikki Bella; in fact they are so much alike in their characters that it was inevitable that these two were going to clash.

There is a longstanding tradition in the WWE of suddenly bringing in a new batch of wrestlers, in fact we've seen the "Invaders" storyline a dozen times. But this isn't a NXT invasion, this is a promotion not only for the women of NXT, but for the entire WWE Divas division. There is enough raw talent and growing talent among the women of the WWE that we're going to have a summer/fall season of spectacular matches. The NXT division has allowed the WWE to constantly bring in fresh, new talent and storylines and if NXT was Triple H's idea, he deserves his spot as the King of Kings at that company.

Now obviously none of these girls are going to knock Nikki off the top spot, I think the WWE is going to allow her to be the longest reigning Diva in history, if for no other reason then that AJ Lee was a punk just like her boyfriend/husband. And speaking of bad Divas, I think it is hilarious that Eva Marie got sent down to NXT, especially since their best talent just moved up the roster. Now if only we could banish Summer Rae somewhere.

Three new Divas have never been premiered on Raw and never with that level of corporate support behind them. This is the effect of the #givedivasachance from last year; it took Stephanie McMahon some time and some work to get to this point, but now the Divas division is officially here. Can't wait to see what Divas matches we'll get at Battleground. ( I am writing this Saturday but it won't appear on the blog until Monday).

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