Friday, July 10, 2015

Missed opportunities: ROH could have had this

I love a lot of what Ring of Honor is doing in 2015. Now a company with several established stars, a bunch of characters with actually developed personalities and some strong feuds, the television era of ROH seems to just be getting better.

But the company doesn't always book perfectly. Case in point, they could have recreated this anytime in the last four months, but failed to make it happen.

Don't get me wrong. I understand this epic three way main event from a TNA pay-per-view is ten years now. But Christopher Daniels and Samoa Joe haven't lost a beat since those days. AJ Styles is arguably better today than he was in 2005. With all three men on the roster, it was foolhardy not to make the match happen.

To be fair, they came close with Styles and Joe versus The Addiction, but that still doesn't quite match what could have been.

Of course, with the rumors of WWE's interest in AJ Styles, it is possible we might still see some version of this match in the near future. Christopher Daniels may never make an appearance in World Wrestling Entertainment, but a three way match with Hideo Itami or Finn Balor in the third slot might prove equally good.

These three men defined a generation of professional wrestling. And while they may never be seen in the ring again, we should all be grateful they continue to perform amazingly year after year.

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