Monday, July 13, 2015

10 Wrestling Returns That Would Improve The WWE

I read this list of ten wrestlers and thought it was a pretty poor list. So I came up with a better one. Personally I think the WWE product is the best its ever been, I think the creative is just limited by their old-school wrestling ideas. They aren't thinking of sports entertainment, and they certainly aren't storytellers like this guy right here. So here is my top ten list of wrestlers who could come back and improve the WWE.

10: Shelton Benjamin

This guy was on the other dudes list and I had to agree with this one, Benjamin should be back every time Brock is back, these guys should be an unofficial team, you know they are friends and you never know when the one is going to show up and help the other. You think Brock is an unstoppable beast now, imagine what happens when you put a mean, lean, athletic wrestler like Shelton X Benjamin at his right hand?

It would also allow a multitude of spin-off matches, like Benjamin VS Kane or J&J security. Brock can't work every show, but his presence can be felt through his alliance with Shelton.

9: Goldust

The last time we saw Goldust, he was looking a little tired and worn out. The death of Dusty Rhodes should serve as a fire under the ass of the Runnels boys, and Goldust deserves one more good run. I want the sexual predator Goldust, the guy that would erotically grind on Brock Lesnar to make an appearance, just to lighten the mood up a bit. He's fun, and his brother Stardust, let me say for the fiftieth time, deserves a push as well. Or hell, have Cody Rhodes become Goldust and go right out of his mind and have the "average Joe" Dustin Rhodes try to bring him back down to earth. Goldust's first encounter with the Undertaker was classic, I think there is room for that kind of insanity again.

8: Mick Foley

Imagine this: Mick Foley's family starts calling the show, his daughter starts making appearances, suddenly we're informed that Mick Foley is missing. No appearances, no podcast, nothing. Mick goes missing for two weeks. Meanwhile, the Wyatt family is reunited and they seem to be following the instructions of a mysterious leader. . . Bray Wyatt has found a father figure, a man who he respects, a man who can give him the love he desires. . . that man is Mankind. Come on, didn't that give a little bit of a chill?

7: AJ Styles

Okay, AJ impressed me in NJPW. I would never have given this guy a second thought back when he was in TNA, but now I can see what he brings: He puts on damn good matches. The WWE universe is ready for these kinds of matches in a way they haven't been before. AJ vs a healthy Daniel Bryan is a Wrestlemania level event, nevermind pitting him against current champion Seth Rollins, a wrestler in the same mold and style. AJ is a damn good worker and could get over well with fans much better than I think guys like Sheamus and Ziggler are doing right now. He's not going to be champ, but not everybody has to. He just has to sell the other guys who can't get over themselves.

6: Booker T

Is there a reason this guy isn't in the ring anymore? I mean the dude beat Batista backstage in a fist fight. That alone would secure him a spot with the WWE universe, nevermind his credentials and in-ring talent. Put him in a few matches with the Rock, because frankly there aren't enough black men in the ring today. Put him up against New Day, or have him become the LEADER of New Day and scare the piss out of everyone who is chanting New Day Sucks. Booker T is a heavyweight and he still has a lot to contribute in the ring, not on the mic.

5: Lita

Much like Booker T, I have no clue why Lita isn't in the ring anymore. The Divas need the experience, bring back and let her put over Becky Lynch in the WWE, or have her babyface against an arrogant heel Sasha Banks. Hell, let her smack some respect into the Bella Twins, I am sure Nikki would love a match or two against Lita. I mean Lita WAS Brie Mode, before there was a Brie Mode, right?
This isn't the 90's, we can handle older women in the ring.

4: Sting

Yeah, see that picture? That's the guy the WWE needs right now. I don't care about boring All-American Sting, I don't care about the lame Crow Sting. I want to see the Insane Icon go one on one with the Game, Triple H, one more time.

I mean the story tells itself. WCW fell apart. Sting went crazy. The WWE bring him back, only to lose and Triple H take ownership of the brand, the name and the logo. Now, all we got left is a crazy, old clown who wants nothing more than to watch the WWE burn. I don't care how much he steals from the Joker, the gimmick works, damn it, and the WWE needs it. We all know Sting vs Undertaker is the last match for these two, the match we're all waiting for. But THIS Sting is a much more interesting story. Trust me on that.

3: Bully Ray

 I never in a thousand years would have expected Bubba Ray Dudley to become a main event level talent. I just never thought he could do it, I thought the Dudley Boyz was it for those two, but somehow Bully reinvented himself and made it to the top of the food chain in TNA. It would be an interesting return for a seasoned veteran.

2: Jinder Mahal

The WWE is very, very white right now. Jinder's Indian background is exactly what the WWE needs right now, and not as a heel. India is a country of over 1 billion people. You want to improve the network, get more international fans and show respect to other cultures? This is how you do it. A babyface from India who respectfully educates the audience about Indian culture. Have him in a few matches for the US title, let him win it and change it to the India World Title and take it on a tour of Southeast Asia. He's a handsome dude with the potential to put over big stars and possibly be one himself. Without risk, there is no profit. Diversity is good for business.

1: Edge

You know what WWE's biggest problem is right now? The PG rating. Some fans just can't get past that and it is limiting the audience and the talent. However, we don't want a return to the Attitude Era either, I don't need to see women being undressed in the ring, I have porn for that. Imagine the R-rated Superstar being given his own show at midnight, Friday night, with an R rating? They rent out smaller venues, charge VIP prices for tickets and televise a "WWE After Dark" type of show where certain types of matches that aren't suitable for the daytime network can be done. Hell, make him the Commissioner of a new ECW and see what can happen. Too many hardcore guys are left sitting around because there is no room for them in the main shows. We could even have Edge put on the Inferno match between Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose and act as the special referee, given his history of fire matches. And we could have inter-gender matches again!

Let me know what you guys think of my picks.

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