Thursday, June 25, 2015

Was Wednesday the day hell froze over on Impact Wrestling?

I planned today's article to be a preview of this weekend's King of the Mountain main event at Slammiversary. Instead, I find myself talking about the major moment that came on last night's live Impact. Then this happened.

The King of the Mountain is back to enter the King of the Mountain match for one last time.

Jeff Jarrett is no stranger to TNA Impact Wrestling. He founded the company alongside his father Jerry, only to help remove Jerry as he sold the majority share of the company to Panda Energy just months into TNA's history. He remained a minority owner of TNA even after his dismissal from the company's roster and backstage.

The segment of TNA last night served as a five minute commercial for Global Force Wrestling, but it also served to sell Slammiversary far more than anything else TNA has done in the last month. We have a reason now to be curious about the pay-per-view, even though it doesn’t really seem built around continuing the plots of most of TNA's storylines.


The return of Jarrett opens up a whole bunch of questions for wresting fans and analysts. Will Jarrett stay with the program for longer than one match? Will this lead to a longer invasion angle? Is Jarrett going into the TNA Hall of Fame? Jeff Jarrett even called out his Global Force Wrestling partner Toby Keith to end his promo. He quoted one of Keith's most famous songs: “I ain't as good as I once was, but I'm as good once as I ever was.”

If this is truly meant to be Jeff Jarrett’s swan song to TNA and perhaps even active wrestling, he could do much worse than his signature TNA match. Who he will face in that match still is up in the air as I write this however. No other competitor has been announced, nor has it even been made clear if the World title will be on the line. But whatever the case, the Slammiversary main event now has a reason for fans to watch.

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