Friday, June 26, 2015

Two promotions kick off a busy wrestling weekend in Eastern Iowa!

This looks like it will be a doozy of a weekend for professional wrestling in the eastern third of Iowa and I don't even have to count the TNA pay-per-view towards that.

SCW has some great posters.
On Saturday evening (June 27), SCW returns to Walcott with Unbroken, which should continue the Marek Brave and Shane Hollister versus The Sindicate storyline. The two men battle it out with SCW champion Nevin Knoxville and Tank Roberts.

Unbelievably that is the only announced match I could find on their social media feeds. They have announced appearances by 3XW and Metro Pro standout Mark Sterling and another Midwest independent star named Jeff O'Shea (who has worked St. Louis Anarchy among others.) SCW stalwarts Krotch and Latin Thunder have also been announced. I would assume the turncoat Black and the Brave students will be in attendance and would be surprised to not see the tag champions, Conner Braxton and Eli Machete (especially since they are on the poster.)

I will say the lack of information from SCW online does sometimes make it hard for me to promote the company to friends and coworkers, just as it makes this preview a bit hard. I can say that after two months of action though, the company does offer a good in-ring product to check out.

Another local independent out of Algona, Impact Pro Wrestling, will come to the Linn County Fair, just a few short miles from Cedar Rapids. They have a Sunday afternoon show scheduled to open around noon.

The main event will be an over the top rope battle royal, because what wrestling show at a fair doesn't feature a good battle royal?

The rest of the card is filled with a title match between Justin Decent and James Jeffries, Aaron Von Baron vs. Chad Strong, AJ Smooth vs. Ryan Slade, Latin Thunder (again!) battling Nicky Free and a mixed tag battle pitting UGLY and Miss Frankie Jay against Sparrow and Kiandra.

Hopefully I will make it out to that show as well for a full report of the action.

So if you're a fellow Iowan, go check out some great wrestling this weekend from two solid shows in the area.

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