Friday, June 19, 2015

This Sunday, Daniel Puder returns to the wrestling ring!

Of all the failed Tough Enough winners, Daniel Puder will always go down in history as the great "What if?" His big win on WWE television seemed to set him up to become a major star for WWE, but his run in OVW came to an end before he could have a proper call up. He moved to Ring of Honor for what was supposed to be a grand program, but financial issues derailed his career path there as well. His MMA career never took off, but Puder managed to make a decent living in the last decade anyway.

Puder has been running his non-profit My Life My Power for over a year now. The group is focused on positive anti-bullying techniques. But on June 21st they will also put on their first wrestling card in Pasadena, Texas.

The event is solely for charity and features a ton of local Texas talent on the undercard. Matt Cross is the only name star in attendance. His presence is a nice nod to a more recent version of Tough Enough. Davey Richards and Angelina Love are also on the event poster, but neither has an announced match as of this time.

But the main event is the big story as Daniel Puder comes out of wrestling retirement for the first time in five years. Puder will team with independent wrestling Major Mark to take on the nefarious team of Alex Chamberlain and former TNA talent Jessy Sorenson. Puder's positive message and Major Mark's specific brand of pro-American heroism will pit itself against two hungry stars more than willing to break the rules for their future.

The show runs four to seven local time on Sunday night. Tickets are available at the My Life My Power Entertainment site. If anyone in the area checks the event out, be sure to let us know more about it in the comments!

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