Tuesday, June 16, 2015

That weekend I ran into Paige and Rob Schamberger

Apologies to regular readers of The Wrestling Weekday, as we went quiet for Monday. Yours truly spent all of the weekend at Wizard World Des Moines. And while I didn't get to watch any wrestling action (I even missed Money in the Bank, for shame), I did get to see a couple wrestlers take the stage in two panels within twenty-four hours.

First up was Rob Schamberger on Friday night. For those folks not in the know, Rob is the guy behind all those amazing WWE (and wrestling in general) paintings all over the internet. He officially works for WWE producing many of them. The current WWE Auctions site is built around his originals. Rob covered a lot of territory about why he creates art, how he got into drawing figures of professional wrestling and his strange journey into WWE employment.

He also painted a Paige original piece (part of his Champions series) during the show which was fun to watch take shape as I walked by a few times over the three days.

Via Rob Schamberger on Twitter.

As seen in the picture above, Paige also made her appearance the next day at the show. She appeared in a panel on Saturday afternoon, packed to the gills with a few too many smitten fans. But it was a lot of fun to hear some of her insights into wrestling. Paige is madly in love with wrestling and it shows in everything she says. Unfortunately the panel only ran about thirty minutes so it wasn’t too in depth, but it proved very interesting to hear her thoughts on WWE, the Divas division and the likelihood of #GiveDivasAChance really making a major momentum shift in WWE. She definitely implied certain individuals in the current main roster regime do not want to see it happen. Take that to mean Kevin Dunn, Vince or whoever you would like, but we can all just hope it will change over the coming months.

I ended my wrestling parts of the weekend by picking up a print you will probably see referenced a bit on this site, just because I consider it so freaking awesome. Ladies and gentlemen, Finn Balor.

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