Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Latin Thunder tells his story as a pro wresting journeyman

I have always wondered as I have followed professional wrestling on the independent level for the last decade: why don’t more of the indie veterans write their biographies. With so many great biographies by WWE, TNA, WCW and classic stars out there, I cannot imagine autobiographies not being an easy supplement to an income built as much around t-shirt and merch sales as it is the in ring aspect of the business.

I am clearly not the only one with that thought. Local Iowa independent star Latin Thunder agreed. So he put his life and adventures into book form, appropriately titled Latin Thunder: My Journey Off the Top Rope.

Much respect to the Superman tattoo. 
In just under 250 pages, the Muscatine, Iowa native details his time as a wrestler from his days training with Skandar Akbar and Harley Race, to his days promoting small shows in his hometown and into his modern reinvention as Iowa’s premier luchador.

After over twenty years in the business, Latin Thunder delivers a strong history of the tribulations inherent with living the wrestling dream outside of national television. It is a hard road built around the reality of a day job, a growing family and a normal everyday life. But Thunder covers his path up and down the roller coaster of his time in the squared circle, never shying away from the ties he almost gives up on his journey.

As a part-time writer, I can certainly relate to those tribulations, as can any creative mind in pursuit of a dream.

The book is not without flaws. It could use a good pass from another editor and could be better formatted to fit the printed page. But while this leaves the interior not quite as pretty as it should be, the content shines through as you follow the compelling journey of Latin Thunder.

Pick up a copy of Latin Thunder: My Journey Off The Top Rope now at Amazon. Fans can see Latin Thunder in actin for Impact Pro Wrestling, Scot County Wrestling and at the upcoming Waterloo Hall of Fame show, as he teams with U-Gene Dinsmore against Jake Dirden(!) and Nate Redwing.

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