Monday, June 1, 2015

Kevin Owens makes a statement (or WWE can make good booking choices)

I can't always praise WWE for its booking decisions. Often they derail wrestlers for the benefit of long time stars, overpush figures only they see as superstars and ignore writing any kind of stories for the undercard at all. But when WWE is on point, they are so on point.

Owens stands defiant. Image © WWE.

Kevin Owens just signed with WWE last August and made his NXT debut last December, but in the six months since he first debuted, he has been dominant. He destroyed Sami Zayn. He destroyed Neville. He destroyed Alex Riley. Owens is a force to be reckoned with, a man that hotshoted his way to the NXT title in just two months. As Corey Graves often states on NXT commentary, you haven't seen this level of domination since Brock Lesnar.

Then this happened:

Owens made a massive splash on his Raw debut and his first main roster match was set for a show just as exclusive to the network as NXT, but with a much wider appeal: Elimination Chamber.

You don't need to tell me the results from that show. Go check it out with your WWE Network subscription or go get a free one for the month of June and watch it. It is a glorious battle between two stars that know how to control a crowd, build tension and work a great match Cena continues to adopt a much more ROH influenced style offense of big moves while Owens actually develops into a more rounded WWE competitor here as he methodically beat down the face of the company. The crowd was already split with Owens’s indie cred doing a lot to draw in the Cena haters.

Owens not only looked like a million bucks but he also instantly increased the value of the NXT title when its holder beats the United States champion—a man that previously held world titles 15 times. It also cements a strong spot for him on the main roster. But even if his Cena feud should continue and he should go the way of so many other heels in the path of Super-Cena, he has still cemented a strong place for himself in the midcard or above of the main roster.

After his absolutely brutal match, he gave the world this:

WWE has a new true superstar and his name is Kevin Owens.

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