Tuesday, June 23, 2015

It's time for the Wyatt Family

Note: this was written as news came out that Erick Rowan may be injured. If he is, we wish him well in his recovery.

One of the biggest mistakes WWE ever made was the break up of the Wyatt Family. While Bray Wyatt's continued push might come at the expense of Luke Harper and Erick Rowan to some degree, none of the characters were ever firmly established enough to be out on their own.

Luke Harper received a short Intercontinental title reign. Erick Rowan got a weird obsession with Renee Young and a short face run mostly against his old partner. Bray Wyatt bounced between feuds with little or no purpose as to why he sought to break his current foe.

While Harper and Rowan have reunited, their purpose remains unclear. Meanwhile Bray Wyatt has moved into a new feud with Roman Reigns, another ill conceived notion that just pushes more fans to cheer for The New Face of Fear. None are reaching their full potential on current WWE programming.

The fix seems easy: reunite the group. And this time, make them all faces.

Let's be honest, people want to cheer for Bray Wyatt. He may be creepy. He may be a creepy cult leader. But he also has an honest rapport with fans. Harper and Rowan have the same creepy vibe, but could easily turn face with just the right set of opponents.

The New Day could be the perfect foils for such a turn. Put Harper and Rowan into handicap situations with the newly heelish group. Have them be beat down by Big E's superior strength. And have their savior be none other than their former mentor, Bray Wyatt.

Harper and Rowan should have a run as tag team champions, while Wyatt could serve as their manager and third man. He could continue to cut the same creepy programs, but just as fans grew to love Mankind's insanity as a face, his creepiness would become a positive asset. No longer would the cheers for The Eater of Worlds be off-putting. He would be far from the last character to keep his heel shtick while working as a television hero.

Let them go that way for a year or so. Wyatt could run through a promo or two while his allies would face off against the likes of The Ascension or a turned Usos. Then let Bray Wyatt pull the rug out from under all of them. Have him suddenly side with a new pupil and use that man (or woman) to help destroy Luke Harper and Erick Rowan in a short feud.

After months as the top tag team, Harper and Rowan would whether the storm and remain strong faces. And Bray Wyatt could cement his place as an evil ringleader out to corrupt everyone around him. He could use that corrupting influence to finally propel himself to the top as WWE champion. And Wyatt could be a force so evil, that perhaps the entire WWE would be forced to face him--and his people--down.

The skies the limit for all three members of the Wyatt Family. It's just up to WWE to make that future happen.

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