Tuesday, June 2, 2015

It's time for Renee Young

One of my biggest complaints with WWE's current product is the weakness of the announcing and color commentating on RAW. Michael Cole's inability to trumpet anything other than what the production truck tells him (and using the word Vintage a lot). Jerry Lawler's tired pro-babyface no matter what style. Booker T's gibberish that makes little sense. JBL's drumming the same point over and over again. And Lawler again with his need to make every women's match into a degrading exercise that will never get them anywhere.

Yet WWE has a strong set of up-and-coming commentators they seem unwilling to pull the trigger on. Byron Saxton finally got moved on to Smackdown in recent months, but the disastrous post-Wrestlemania use of him seemed to fly in the face of his abilities. He isn't a play-by-play guy. He's a color commentator.

But WWE still has folks like Kyle Edwards, Rich Brennan and Corey Graves at the ready. Oh, and poor Todd Phillips. But there's one name above the rest that is very very ready to fulfill either role at the announce table. And it is none other than the regular kickoff host herself.

She certainly dresses better than King.

Renee Young has spent the last two years paying her dues on WWE television. She started as a backstage interviewer, moved on to show just how good she knows the business with a stellar run on NXT play-by-play before settling into her current place as Kickoff panel host. But anyone that has seen her announce or color commentate knows she is ready for a lot more than just gauging three other superstar’s opinions. Renee is more than ready to start calling matches on the main roster.

Unfortunately her work with the Kickoff material often cuts into her ability to announce on Superstars and Main Event, but that could easily be solved with the promotion of currently play-by-play guy on both shows—Rich Brenan—to the Kickoff position. Renee could easily show her chops there, but the true test for her is simple.

In my opinion, she is ready to replace Michael Cole on Smackdown at any time.

Now will any of this happen? Who knows. However with reports of ESPN, Fox Sports and others highly interested in bringing her in, WWE would be wise to give her a promotion and sign her to a new contract.

Do you agree that Renee Young should be on Smackdown? Go let your voice be heard Thursday night on Twitter or Facebook.

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