Thursday, June 4, 2015

Finn Balor takes Japan... and the NXT title?

As announced on this week's NXT, WWE's house show from Japan on July 4th will now be a live broadcast on the WWE Network. Not only will it feature Brock Lesnar's return to in ring action as he stomps the daylights out of Kofi Kingston, but it will also feature a Divas and Tag Team title match (one assumes under Freebird rules so Kofi doesn't pull double duty.) Even Chris Jericho is in on the action as he takes on Neville.

But the big news is that Finn Balor finally gets his epic rematch with Kevin Owens for the NXT title. With Owens making the early move to the main roster and taking names in the process, now seems to be the time for him to lose the NXT title in a big way. Finn made his name in Japan as Prince Devitt where his current demonic alter ego was first designed as creepy cosplays of Carnage, Hannibal and the Joker. One should suspect to see him in his full Eye of Balor regalia as he seeks to unseat Owens.

John Cena will also be in tag team action that night, but hopefully this will not lead to some kind of shenanigans with Cena involving himself in the match. Instead, I would love to see Balor take a big victory that can propel him to the top of NXT before he too makes the transition to the main roster.

In case you're wondering how good Finn was in his pre-WWE Japanese days, here is a match from 2012, where the then-Prince Devitt took on Dragon Gate's PAC, just months before he became Neville. Enjoy.

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