Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Do you want a documentary on Chyna?

It appears Chyna has now made (or will soon make) her return to the United States after a few years abroad in Japan. With her careers as a reality TV star and an adult film actress seemingly behind her, she is apparently ready for her next move into the public spotlight: as the star of a new documentary.

The documentary The Reconstruction of Chyna is now funding on Kickstarter. The documentary will cover her return to the states as she gets back in touch with old friends and compatriots. It indicates a bit of a learning experience as she tries to move past the bad press and into a brighter future. Of course with Joanie Laurer’s past, who the hell knows what that means.

Although she is probably a few years past the point where she could truly make a full-time in ring return, Chyna remains an aloof and interesting figure in the history of professional wrestling. And while she was never the most skilled mat tactician, she still carries a great present (as shown in her one match return in TNA.)

Ultimately, I suspect it is a good thing for her to try to get back into public view in a more public light after the online mess after the Stone Cold interview with Triple H. And perhaps with the rise of Global Force Wrestling and Lucha Underground’s lack of fear in promoting intergender matches, she could still find a few more years in the ring.

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