Friday, June 26, 2015

Brock is Back!

So I just discovered the Total Divas TV show, luckily the wife is enjoying it too. I am going to be posting about it later when we've finished the first season. But I will say this: Eva Marie is a piece of garbage. She is the perfect example of all that I hate about people. I honestly can't believe they let her work there. I haven't even seen her wrestle yet but I doubt she can, she can't really do anything but start shit and bat her eyelashes. I feel bad for Fandango, who kept getting dragged into her shit in Season 1. Great show if you love to see a bit of what life is like backstage.

On Kevin Owens. . .

The John Cena, Kevin Owens feud continues, with Owens letting loose this week with a little bit of French, just to make the crowd boo him a little more. I was very impressed with John Cena's comeback, not only could he speak a little French, but he busted out some Chinese as well. Seeing John in Total Divas and comparing that to his in-ring performances and you can tell he is a born wrestler, he never shows as much emotion in front of the reality show cameras as he does in that ring.
Meanwhile, Kevin Owens talked about how, unlike Cena, he doesn't care what people think about him. Well Kevin, I call bullshit on that.

See, I remember what it was I said to him to get banned on Twitter. I sent him a tweet when I heard he was moving to the WWE roster, at that time I hadn't watched much NXT. I told Kevin something like: It's time to hit the gym, dude. Your moving to the big time now!

He obviously cares what people think, because he blocked me. I guess his tough guy, I don't care attitude is a facade, because clearly he can't take a little criticism online from a humble writer of books.

On a side note, apparently Hulk Hogan is a big fan of Kevin Owens. Here is the quote from Hogan, who I guess watches NXT.

Kevin actually reminds me of one of the older wrestlers of the late Seventies, some of those guys that didn't have the build, but they would scare you if you met them at a bar. What hooked me about him was that I was watching a match of his on NXT and I found myself disassociated with being in the moment, all of a sudden I started watching him and he made me believe again. I watched real close, and there were no holes in his boat - his punches, his kicks, everything he did looked like it was killing the guy, which it probably was. He caught me with my guard down and he made me a believer again, he hooked me. He's got that look, man; that demeanor and that swagger.

On Bray Wyatt, Roman Reigns

I am not a big fans of Roman being dragged away from the main event for the summer and forced into a silly stunt. I like Wyatt, although I disagree with him being a face, and I totally agree with my Wrestling Weekday partner in thinking the Wyatt Family should be reunited. Hell I'd love to see Reigns take them all on, but I don't think they need to go so far with the games and manipulation. Let the in-ring action sell the feud, not pre-taped promo bits. I hate the idea that a wrestler is just going to stop in the middle of a match and run out of the ring because of something on-screen, the guys have more respect for the game than that.

I personally never saw the Wyatt family in more than one or two matches, so I have no problem with them getting more exposure. Speaking of which, I was glad to see Adam Rose getting some air time. I cheer for the dirty pirate because I don't think many people do and I think he deserves to be there, far more than some other people on the roster.

The big news of the week is, of course, the return of Brock Lesnar. Nice to see Seth Rollins get laid out a couple times with some powerful suplexes. I respect Rollins, but creatively I don't see how far they can take him as champ of the Authority. I'd rather see Brock VS Kane or Seth vs Triple H, Seth and Brock can only end with Brock winning, or Seth doing what seems unlikely and impossible. Seth Rollins defeating Brock Lesnar would make Seth the smallest guy to do so. It took the whole gang to take him down on RAW, does this mean Brock just turned face?

This weekend I'll be checking out Smackdown and watching the Dusty Rhodes story, so I should have a post Monday about it. I'm excited to see NXT matches coming out of Japan, not sure when that is.

AND we got our tickets for the WWE show at the Ricoh Coliseum here in Toronto! Not sure if it is live or not, but we've got seats at the base of the stage, on the floor. First time ever seeing a live wrestling event!

Keep reading and keep body slamming!

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