Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Wrestle-1 can bring the action

Wrestle-1 experienced a massive down turn in business after their big TNA crossover show last year. The problems cost the company its link with the American brand, as both companies seek ways to improve their fortunes in 2015. But just because TNA and Wrestle-1 no longer have a working relationship doesn't mean that Wrestle-1 isn't able to put on good matches. In fact, they can do so while featuring TNA talent still.

As shared on his own Youtube feed, Matt Hardy had an excellent appearance at Wrestle-1 in a great three way match against former TNA standout Sanada and ECW/WWE cruiserweight legend Yoshihiro Tajiri. They put on a great battle that showed Sanada could hold up against the twenty-plus year veterans.

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